I. Bath Tower

Built during the music- and art-festival Skankaloss in Gagnef, Sweden, The bath tower offered the audience warm baths with water pumped from the stream, Dalälven, and heated with water boilers and fire. The tower and the stream created a closed water system to rinse the water and to, when not in use, function as a fountain. Originating from the English translation of the Korean word Skinship* the bath tower was built to create a public version of a usually intimate space: the bathroom. With the intention of creating connections between the users through the act of sharing a private space. Specifically sharing a private space which has connotations to cleanliness and dirt, the intimate act of cleaning ones body and the vulnerability of being partially undressed.

*In Korea, the term “skinship” is used to describe the act of intimate, non-sexual touching between very close (Usually same-sex, but can include all genders.) platonic friends. It involves acts such as holding hands/arms, hugging, and kissing on the cheeks. Sometimes it goes even deeper than that and can even involve bathing together, as Koreans (And the Japanese) believe that group nudity helps break down the barriers and helps establish a closer relationship.

Skankaloss music festival, Gagnef, Sweden, 2017 Collaboration: Vilde Stampe, Malin Kent

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles