My Wild Flag, 2017

Vilde Stampe, Malin Kent och Anna Märta Danielsson. Med Emma T Åberg.

Kristallmatrixen, who are we?
Wild Voyage was created to bring the audience visiting the festival MY WILD FLAG from one stage to another, through the city. We are going for a voyage from one place toanother. Sweaty bodies, sticks and plastic will create the aircraft that rattles along Odengatan and brings everything along with a big wet lick.

The voyage will transport you to Weld.

We are form givers, craftsmen, maintainers and cleaners and we always come in groups. We believe that simplicity creates stereotypes and limitations. We believe that this simplicity also shapes our common spaces. We want to broaden the horizon for what behaviour and which bodies takes space in a room and we do this by not simplifying. We are are not afraid of being contradictory, instead we embrace ambiguity. We want rooms that changes depending on what you bring to it rather than fixing you to the expected. Nothing we do is stylish and clean. In our rooms you can always wear dirty trousers.

My Wild Flag is an international dance and choreography festival. MWF consists of local and international acts and scenarios that proposes contemporary choreographic and artistic work. Bringing communities together and joining in social choreographies as well as works devoted for the stage. MWF wants to meet current urgencies where bodies, thinking and beings disturb and embrace the ways we perceive the world.
Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles